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Diane Staalesen of Saratoga Springs, NY

About Diane Staalesen (Diane's biography):

 Diane Staalesen has no description for her public profile.  Are you Diane Staalesen of Saratoga Springs New York?  If so, click here to create a MAEGIC member account so you can claim your profile via MAEGIC.  If you know Diane Staalesen, please let her know how she can help protect her identity and help contribute to economic stability by claiming her profile via MAEGIC!

Diane Staalesen's activity:

Diane Staalesen has no activity. If you happen to know Diane, please be sure to let them know about her profile here so she can take control of her identity.

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12/28/2014, L B C.'s review of The Merry Monk in Saratoga Springs (8/10):
"If you are looking for a pub with an extensive beer menu and delicious gastro pub food, The Merry Monk is a definite go to. I started out with the Carmelized Brussel Sprouts & Spaetzle, which was a…"

6/3/2013, Lee R.'s review of Druthers Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs (10/10):
"Druthers is a great addition to Saratoga. Their outdoor patio is the perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon or evening. The beer is really tasty, the servers are friendly, and the food is good.…"

7/21/2013, Diane D.'s review of Prime in Saratoga Springs (10/10):
"July 2013: I can't stop going back! Better steaks than NYC. The mashed potato versions area must! The mozzarella burrata updated this season with fresh heirloom tomatoes could be dinner by itself. I…"

9/20/2012, Greg H.'s review of 9 Maple Ave in Saratoga Springs (10/10):
"A bartender with a tie? The white apron tied around his waist? Is this a movie set? It couldn't really be this classy. It is. 9 Maple has the best collection of whiskies you'll find in any bar in the…"